Q4. Social media has become the method of statement in the 21't century, enabling us to express our belief, ideas and manner in a absolute new way. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Through these 33 questions we are hoping to establish trends and tendencies in the behaviour of the public in relation to new media based on the web 2.0 applications, and traditional media. Some even say that this is the biggest shift since the industrial revolution, which means that the world has a brand new playing meadow At its center, social media is any kind of online media that stimulates participation, openness' conversation, Connecters and sense of community. In any case, the findings from the survey are indicative to undertake future similar research and validate them through larger surveys. These questions are designed to help you get all the information required to work with your client’s social media strategy. Marketers are only too happy to view the social web as a new set of channels through which to market their goods or services. “Social media is an empowered tool for spreading business and targeting the desired audience”? If you are looking for a good marketing strategy to market your products or services, you can use these networks as an important tool for marketing and expect an increase in sales when you start using social media for business. In 1987 Rossiter and Percy wrote "Brand awareness is widely misunderstood and often wrongly measured, even by experi enced managers" (p41). Shaping customers' discussions to ensure they are aligned to the organization's goals is the firm's best importance. Using a social media questionnaire for your clients will help you be a more efficient social media marketer, as you’ll start planning your strategy with all the information you need. Depending on where your organization is along the social media adoption curve, these questions can help you develop your social media marketing plans going forward by determining where you need to improve. This document works from two opposite directions. For the relationship between customer equity drivers and customer equity, brand equity has significant negative effect on customer equity while value equity and relationship equity show no significant effect. The created survey was used to help understand both student and parents prospective on social media. This structure is based on the characteristics, sub-characteristics and attributes of three main dimensions (complexity, compatibility and relative advantage) of the website that verified the adoption of it according to particular sector of activity and perspective. Social Media marketing basically involves marketing your products by making use of Social Media. This study examines the adoption of website for private business sector, specifically in the area of Klang Valley, Malaysia. "-Jeff Hagen, Director, Consumer Services, General Mills" ""Lon Safko is a serial technologist who really understands social media and is also blessed with the gift of being a great communicator. You need to be able to answer 6 basic questions: 1. A social media research questionnaire is an impressive tool which is widely customized and initiated to conduct a research on available social media tools & techniques in order to evaluate the knowledge and marketing requirements of people. Drawing on the attitude accessibility and stability theories, we investigate the moderating role of product involvement in the customer satisfaction-loyalty relation. This study confirms the growing importance of social media in the online tourism domain. A series of interview and observation will also be conducted to the respondents to effectively gather information about present existing conditions needed in the study. Social media survey questions template is designed to collect information regarding the social media websites and what are the most preferred activities a person would like to carry out on social media. In terms of business benefits, the top two benefits are increasing exposure (brand awareness) and driving additional traffic.The graph below shows the range of benefits: Companies are now more careful with advertising; chiefly in anticipate consumer response and avoiding unanticipated blunders to prevent a viral consumer backlash in networking sites. literature review on effectiveness of the use of social media a report for peel public health rebecca schein, phd(1), kumanan wilson msc, md, frcs (2) and jennifer keelan, phd (3) The article analyzes the influence of material and weave on rigidity and the relationship between the rigidity and twist, the count of yarn and fabric, thickness of light-weight worsted fabrics by testing compressive length of 14 type of light-weight worsted fabrics with inclined plane and software Origin 7. A questionnaire has been designed, to know the point of view of respondent regarding the extent of social media that helps consumers in buying decision making. First Name: __________ Middle Name: ___________ Last Name: _____________, Address: __________________________________________________________. Q6. Effectiveness of social media marketing on enhancing performance: Evidence from a casual-dining restaurant setting Jun (Justin) Li, Woo Gon Kim, and Hyung Min Choi Tourism Economics 0 10.1177/1354816619867807 This article examines contemporary books from or about countries outside the United States that are available to children in the U.S, surveying and analyzing their origins, prevalent themes, and images. Q5. Finally, the relationship between purchase intention and customer equity has significance. Structural equation modeling shows that customer satisfaction has both direct and indirect effects on loyalty, whereas ad attitudes and corporate image have only indirect effects through their mediating influence on brand attitudes. The recommendations for leveraging the integration of social media marketing into the competitive strategy of the small business are provided. Social media are playing an increasingly important role as information sources for travelers. The analysis of the search results showed that social media constitute a substantial part of the search results, indicating that search engines likely direct travelers to social media sites. As for purchase intention, value equity and relationship equity had significant positive effects, while relationship equity had no significant influence. Social media is media for social interaction as a superset beyond social communication. The main findings revealed that the most significant predictors of the adoption of website in organization in Klang Valley is complexity.