The University of Rhode Island is committed to your success. For Graduate Students. Total Credits = Course Code Description Cr Course Code Description Cr CHM 101 General Chemistry Lec I (A1) 3 EGR 106 Foundations of Engineering II (A4) 2 Doctor of Pharmacy THE UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND FALL 2016-SPRING 2017 202 Credits Total Professional Requirements P1 First Semester Course Grade Cr. Tech. General Information The Communication Studies major provides you with a solid foundation in all aspects of communication that you can apply to any field, including public relations, law, politics, sales and advertising, marketing, and mediation, just to Communication Studies B.A. The University requirements for a minor are a minimum of 18 credits with at least 12 credits at the 200-level or higher. The Chemistry Department does not require any particular courses to satisfy a minor but prerequisites in upper level chemistry courses necessitate that most students will need to take one year of general chemistry and one year of organic chemistry. Overview Effective oral, interpersonal, and written communication are the key attributes employers look for, regardless of profession. * Note: Refer to specific Chemical Engineering-BiologyTrack General Education course requirements (see 2019 CHE-BIO Track Check Sheet). This project-based program will have you developing and executing public relations and marketing strategies for local businesses and nonprofits. Public Relations B.A. Practice in Healthcare PHP 317 3 uri hdf curriculum sheet provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. FAQ for First-Year Graduate Students. Communication Studies B.A. In our Student Resources section, you will discover how to access the e-Campus student portal. (3)-credit MCE courses (no more than two (2) courses from the MCE 47*/CHE 47* series), two (2) of which must be taken at URI. ** Mathematics Elective: MTH 215 or any 300-, 400-, or 500-level MTH course except MTH 381. Dosage I BPS 301 2 Dosage II BPS 303 2 Dosage III BPS 305 2 Foundations I BPS/PHP 311 2 Medicinal Chemistry BPS 313 2 Pharm. Overview Public relations, the Harrington School’s fastest-growing major, offers you a well-defined program in strategic communication led by expert practitioners and distinguished scholars in the field. Chemistry Minor. Lab BPS 318 1 Pharmacology BPS 321 2 Pharm. URI's RN to BS in Nursing online prepares you to become the kind of big thinker that 21st century healthcare needs. Curriculum Course DescriptionsCurriculum SheetsLearning Outcomes You must achieve a passing grade in COM 100 (Communication Fundamentals) in order to transfer to the College of Arts and Sciences with a major in Communication Studies. Degree Requirements 120 credits total required for graduation At least 42 credits must be in courses numbered 300 or […] You'll receive unique practical knowledge and a research–based, science-focused academic experience that can only be offered by one of New England’s most recognized universities, in addition to valuable insight from the same professors who teach on campus. Graduate Curriculum. OCEAN ENGINEERING - Class of 2021 Total Credits = Course Code Description Cr Course Code Description Cr CHM 101 General Chemistry Lec I (A1) 3 ECN 201 Principles of Mic roeconomics (A2) 3 The fourth course may be a 300-, 400-, or 500-level course offered by the College of Engineering, CHM, C SC, PHY, or STA; or a 400- or 500-level MTH course. Total Credits = 120 -123 Course Code Description Cr Course Code Description Cr CHM 101 General Chemistry Lec I (A1) 3 CSC 200 Computer P roblem Solving 4