It’s totally different than other paints. I used B.M. Those are a great value, and perform as well or better than many more expensive brands. The exterior would still show scuffs a week after application and the interior showed roller patterns, especially when using the deep base. Few of us can accurately experiment with different brands and see how they stand up over 10 or 15 years.Painting contractors would know. I’m an avid amateur decorator who’s been painting and repainting my own homes for almost 30 years. And what finish is best for keeping clean? 1 month ago and have not been able to live there since because the odor is so bad. I had a similar result using the Benjamin Moore Aura paint. You will never get any paint to look good putting only 1 finish coat over primer. It may not be perfect, but it again comes back to value…. You can even order 1 pint samples online to “try on” a color before making the final purchase. Sounds like your painter has no idea what he is doing. Best to just let it dry before you resume. The color selection does not come anything close to that of BM paints. Why you put such an expensive paint on ceilings that high is beyond me. White Exterior Paint Color: “Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-30 – Exterior”. Regal® Select Interior Matte (548) is a professional painter favorite for its ease of application and smooth feel after drying. Yep, BM paint is worth the money. Totally gorgeous! Benjamin Moore's Aura Paint goes on smooth and, in just one coat, it covers as well as, if not better than, a coat of primer plus paint. Any thoughts on C2 paint btw? Pigment is expensive so I imagine that contributes to the higher costs. It has been almost a year since I first weighed in on this topic and I have since painted a lot more spaces with Aura and I still LOVE it. When cutting in with Aura, I use those long cardboard windshield protectors to keep the woodwork and/or adjoining walls safe. This shade leans towards warm and would be a beautiful exterior color as well! Probably why BM makes a special “Aura” roller covers. Now I opened the third gallon and its solidifying around the handle connections. So, I’m going to have to spend a little more in order to be 100% satisfied. Other colors may be fine. In less than a year began to peel. Was so easy to use and covered my walls great. They have a cheap Benjamin Moore but I found it drippy and not as good. You won’t find Ben Moore at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot. Top 10 Benjamin Moore Mid-tone Neutrals (warm to cool) Jun 30, 2020 Creative Haus Designs Interior Paint & Stains Painting 101 Tips & How To's Previously we’ve talked about light neutrals, but often, a little more depth is required to make an impression that shows up through the natural shadows of a space. I know computer monitors don’t show exact colors, but when you order a color described as a deep blue-violet (“Approaching Storm”) and you get a milk chocolate, something is decidedly wrong. I need to ship it in, pay duty and get a “license” from the government to bring in any paints, varnishes etc. actually did a few rooms with no tarps! Do you shout in your overpriced BM store, too? What is the general concensus on Moor-Glo Soft Gloss for an exterior porch job? Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Benjamin Moore Ultra Premium Waterborne Ceiling Paint (Custom Color) at Aura is TERRIBLE to paint with!! It’s been very interesting reading all of these comments. I love Benjamin Moore and have found it worth the money. Also had to listen to the guy in the store complain about retail customers who waste his time buying one gallon Neither line claims one-coat coverage, but for the price, we expected better. If you use the 3 P rule Benjamin Moore Interior Paints Ben. Thanks. No need to shout, but I hate to say it, but I agree with your assessment of many painters. Given that the four major paint brands (Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, and Valspar) have at least 28 different interior latex paints, this level of consensus is impressive. Maybe they can get close enough though for you. Ask ten painting contractors and they will all give you different opinions on the same product. I stopped at a store that carried it when I was in a larger city. I had the exterior of my home painted with BM 5 years ago. Unless you’ve worked with it, you have no idea what “quick drying” means! After the second coat it was spotless and i used matt over ancient walls. Living Room. First and foremost, the color you see on the computer screen will look different in a real swatch. Don’t get fooled by high school marketing buy the Behr Premiun Plus and never go backe. It comes in flat or satin finishes. You are terrific and your comment made my day. I have actually been able to book more jobs per week because the paint dries fast and touches up like nothing else. Aura is designed for, among other things, a fast recoat time. It dries quick and levelling is awesome. I strolled through the house, looking at the rooms I’ve painted with Aura, and I was newly amazed at their beauty. Use a paint with a longer open time, an 18″ roller running perpendicular to the light source. I don’t believe in matching colours (particularly with a brand like F&B because the paint formulation is just too different). First off lets talk about fillers…..90% of other paints have them, B.M does not. I used Piano Concerto in my living room and dinning room with an accent color in the dinning room of Lover's Tryst. Again, when I hear folks complain about this paint, my first thought it: read the directions and pay attention. When we tried to lay it on thick it dripped and ran. I should ask him to try one coat next time, to see if the wall is sufficiently covered. simply enough, you get what you pay for when it comes to pretty much anything in life, even paint. I worked with both homeowners and painting Often one gallon can give two coats to the walls of a mid size bedroom, whereas you might use 1.5 to 2 gallons of the lower grades. Keep a wet edge! There was a big hype when this Aura paint came out. I too, LOVE the color selection! Sounds like you’ve had good experience with BM Aura – its great to hear varying points of view and experiences. Their regal eggshell is also wonderful in the bathroom, it gives the shine we want without being too finicky to apply. I am not of the “high end” crowd that he mentions(nor do I hire people to paint) ..I just simply know quality when I see it . If you like less sheen the matte finish is nice. But even though I know what a problem covering red with another color is, we’re still painting our living room Sherwin Williams, Bolero red. 25 Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Reviews To Celebrate The Season - Creative Interior and Exterior Painting and Decor Ideas | Wall Paints. But, since I am in this remote rural area, a retailer is not close to me. Good luck. Not because it’s a bad product, but because I have half a clue and would use (and have used, interior and exterior) Regal Select instead. (All the walls are old, pale grey on them right now.) It holds more product, so it goes on thicker and still dries fast, which is why in most colors, it does provide one coat coverage. I just had a wet rag handy and found 1 or 2 drips to clean. Then I wanted a new bedspread so the costs soared. Thanks so much for your feedback. I think you know how this “color story” ends. Worse, the color I want to use is a deeply saturated red ( cinco de mayo). Usually those things go away after the paint cures, which takes a ridiculously long time. It cost a fortune with lossy results. They all say they will have to put in an order and it’ll be two weeks until it comes in. Many retailers in our area carry all the Ben Moore lines of paint so availability was not an issue. IF it is your living room …Go Better to Best Benjamin Moore. If I had to do it all over again i would not choose the company paint again. That being said, I’d never buy Aura. Over the last eight years we've documented hundreds of home improvement and DIY craft projects along with many tool and material reviews. I just finished painting my circular living room Cinco de Mayo–one coat! Some people take great pride in using difficult or tricky products. But when I did touch up, it matched. Wash surfaces with TSP or equivalent. With a Rug Doctor machine and never over saturating, my results are much much better for a fraction of the price and no damage to anything in my home!). . I added two more shades of white, a cool gray and a black. I use Benjamin Moore on every job, and Aura on most. I will admit it is different than any paint I have used. And because of that you really don’t put that paint on your wall. I swear to God that stuff is cheap watercolor paint. That's all I can say but it's all on the internet! Ask me how I know. I’ve been using Aura for the first time on our new kitchen moldings, and even with paint extender added (X-I-M) I can’t paint fast enough. I do a lot of new construction and the painting is always speced out for 1 coat of primer and 2 finish coats. The paint is runny, it seems to be much thiner than usual. Once I tried it, I was hooked. Learn More Shop Now This was amazing. It’s water cleanup but an oil finish when it dries. The Aura paint is worth the money. Great coverage and wonderful color. I prepped the walls by sanding and washing/rinsing. Deck. Good luck. When I first started redoing the entire place in 2008 or 2009 I was struggling with the aura drying too quickly and not having the perfect finish (I’m very fussy and like perfection) to most who saw my work they all raved about the painting, I’d say it’s not the painter but the paint! I am getting ready to paint my kitchen this month in a yellow, can't wait. Any missed areas I went back and got it a second time. if any one has any quesitons you can email me at and i will be glad to help. Its proffessed to be self priming and it is not, even after two coats we had to touch up countless areas that did not cover. Durability I’m also creatively challenged as someone previously posted, and it’s just easier to look in a magazine and say “That’s it, that’s the color I want.” and then be able to get it. I had to put a third coat on of benjamin moore ceiling flat and it was fine. So for the amount of money I paid for my BM Aura and only had to apply one coat why on earth would I spend the same amount of money on 2 gallons of..say, glidden paint and have to do 3-4 coats and spend more time on a much lesser quality of paint. I use it in semi-gloss for trim and it’s the most scrubbable paint out there. So it’s pretty much up to the dealer. My wife got a headache from the obnoxious fumes when I used it to paint a room in my old house. Aura is the type of paint where you can choose any sheen and it is just as durable. It’s not even worth the money at a competitive price. It’s worth the savings. Aura deep bases are the best on the market. I will ask for contractors discount. Similar look but not as sensitive. There is longer ‘open time’ and flows out nicely. Ken, you have my sympathy, especially with unforgiving red. Choosing the right shade for your room can be tough with the limitless options and wide variety of Benjamin Moore paint colors. Now if I could just make up my mind…. Generally the higher the sheen the more durable and scrubbable the paint. Ben offers a smaller sheen variety than … We are still waiting on closure! I like to cut in a room and then roll the walls to avoid any issues with rolling over a cut line that is partially dried (lifts the paint and is unsightly). 3 years later half the can is dry. Yes. We were covering BM Regal paint which we have been happy with but this new Aura you can keep especially considering its the most expensive paint out there. If you miss a spot or make a mistake, keep going! You know, back 100 years ago they used 6″, 10″, even bigger horsehair brushes that make my 3.5-4″ ones look like toys for little girls. Dining Room. Does anyone really know what the best exterior paint is? Also, a friend who shares my Aura fanaticism suggested using Clark Kensington for the kitchen. Never Again! i personally use bm paint regardless of the price, because in the long run it really saves you money by not having to by more and apply more paint. I have been painting for about 15 years and have pretty much tried every type of paint there could be. matte finish hides a lot, but only the Aura matte is scrubable. I’m also a big fan of Advance waterborne alkyd. I also enjoy when a client asks me to use Farrow and Ball, another vastly superior paint to BM. Off white paint and it covered the purple in one coat. I’ve never had a problem with the smell from any BM paints, like I have from Ralph Lauren, whose colors are great but it really smells – I get sick from the vapors. Different strokes for different folks, You take your hvlp and I get a brush and roller setup that I am familiar with, Then we see who can paint the room faster and make it look better, All these comments are worthless…I’ve painted for 43 years…have 4 different paint company’s an only use glidden paint…best damn paint they ever made….Benjamin Moore is junk….behr is half ass ….I am the best damn painter there ever was or is…y’all both couldn’t stand a chance with this roller in hand BOYS. When I have to use big box store product, I often ask them to tint the primer, only to be told it can’t be done. A lot of people don’t know this yet, but BM has come out with a Full Spectrum line of their own. Interesting. My study,despite its beat-up desk and ratty recliners cat-scratched beyond repair, is truly a color study of blue-violets which captures and reflects eastern light and shadows. My tips for painting are as follows: 1. Overall durability is worth the higher end price. Yes on 3 coats on 2 doors, no way this stuff covers the suggested 350-400sq ft.. 20 years in the construction trade this year and worked for 4 professional paint companies too.. Don’t blame the painter. Thanks. I was tempted to try Aura next time around, but I think I may need to give that a second thought! According to 2 Cabinet Girls, an online site that features home improvement ideas and opinions, Benjamin Moore’s Advance paint is a better choice than Sherwin Williams’ ProClassic.Why? The living room in Modern Emulsion. I have used and sold Benjamin Moore Why are you priming before you paint? Another aspect I like about this paint is that it actually does not have a horribly strong chemical smell like most paints out there. I’ve used C2, good paint and nice color selection. The AURA room is all DONE on one gallon, one coat, and looks better than room with Regal Select. Quality Benjamin Moore paint is the best paint I have ever used. I love it, it truly is. Not what I expected, we are experienced DIYers and we had to use a ton of paint to get the proper coverage with this paint. Just did a big job, 6 gallons, 18ft tall walls and it came out wonderful and I am just a homeowner, not a professional. Select a room to find a product for your project. Benjamin Moore Exterior. So durable. I want to be able to give them a reasonable guarantee length, but I'm not familiar with the product long term. This is wrong it is all uniform if it is shaken right some deep colors need to be shaken twice some retailers don’t know this also if it’s not uniform means u don’t know how to roll all the way up all the way down then finish every 4 feet by going back start from the top roll down only for one sheen if ur not a painter don’t expect perfection and don’t listen to any of this comments from people who do it wrong bm is the best period but there is nothing about aura that makes it better then regal regal is the best finish period only use aura for certain colors that have trouble covering or u want to skip primer never skip primer on patch work Thoe and there is no such thing as a one coat paint it will never fully cover period there will be pin hole spots of the underneath color and thinker is not better remember second coats make it more even last longer period like a hair dressor told me u think conditioner and shampoo work together? On my quest for finding the best paint I tried Benjamin Moore’s Advance in April 2015 after reading good things about the paint online and at the recommendation of BM employees. When you compare paint quality between brands and grades within a brand, there IS a difference in performance, both in application and durability. Office. It comes in flat or satin finishes. Spend the money, B&M is worth every penny.. BTW: The paint that was on the walls before was all B&M oil base, over 20 years old!! The staff at our local BM store is terrific. So, this is a re-working of a post from 2016 about my favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Colors. I’ve had to repaint everything with Benjamin Moore paint. (I’ll also never hire another pro carpet cleaner again either! If you are doing a garage go to Lowes. I am glad I took the suggestion from the man at the paint store. It is worth every penny – sorry. That’s ok, but I find myself wondering what brush you are using. This is a high priced paint and the painter did prep the house. Aura’s deeply saturated colors are rich and lush; the lighter hues are unbelievably creamy. Regardless, all colors look amazing when dried although I am dissapointed in havering to do 3 coats of this very expensive paint ( in Canada it’s $64 a gallon). There’s nothing ‘difficult’ or ‘tricky’ to Aura…. But Aura is my fave. THESE PAINTERS NEED TO FOCUS ON THERE WORKMANSHIP AND BUY BETTER PAINT.. Pratt and Lambert is great, but about 90-95% of what Benj Moore is, and only slightly cheaper. The exception is of course, RED. I’m VERY particular about my shades; it takes me forever to find the exact one I want so when I do it’s a matter of celebration. All touching up comes after it has dried as well, as Kyle has said. If you guys think a different line is better, would love to hear it. We used Benjamin Moore Gold metallic on our kitchen and now have all kinds of shapes and depth of the gold on the wall. Yeah, the paint isn’t cheap, but I am sold on the results and benefits being worth the price. The customer called me complaining saying there were roller shadow marks, it was not a uniformed finish, and there was a satin like sheen to it. I am a contractor and use Ben Moore almost exclusively as the store is conveniently close and the selection is good. You don’t have to use a deep base primer, and that again saves you on paint, and sundry products. While they paint looked fine at first, when I went to paint the wall I discover that the BM paint peeled right off in big strips. Well said Boman. I agree that their color pallet is awesome. I always use the Regal Decorators white flat, which in my opinion, covers better than any paint I have used. After seeing people swoon over BM paint I wondered if it made a difference. First, clean the area you’re going to paint at least 24 hours in advance, rinsing and drying (with lint-free cloths) thoroughly. But this paint is the worst. I try to save money, I’ve tried ’em all, but there is just no comparison. The guy at BM was so helpful, told me not to use the base coat that BM recommends, but to pick something very close to the Champagne Dreams color or else I would be frustrated with lap marks. That doesn’t mean I have to drive a Rolls to work, but it does mean I don’t want to depend on a junk yard escapee to get me to jobs. I chose Ben Moore’s Aura paint because of the low VOC/low odor component; I live in an apartment that has poor cross-ventilation and is hard to air out. It is thinner than Regal and maybe might splatter a little more if you are rolling too fast. I highly recommend Benjamin Moore Aura as a great exterior paint, I did only use it on the trim but it performed well for the areas I used it on and the paint really does look great. Ben Moore delivers on the claims that painted surfaces are easy to wash and clean-up. we used the paint they recommended for the bathroom bc it holds up against steam but that too was a lie as we now have water streaks down our walls. What is the best BM paint for a kitchen? It took two coats antd the colors are beautiful. Ralph Lauren (at home depot) may be the best bang for the buck for your walls. As a professional, I stay away from Benjamin Moore unless my clients insist on paying their premium prices, but for what you pay, Benjamin Moore’s products are outperformed by nearly every other company out there. The painters said they need to maintain a wet edge or something for the paint, so the cost increase is more for labor than paint. Since that time, this award winning brand has grown to offer the “finest paints, stains, and finishes across North America.” Having used many competitors products like Sherwin Williams, Behr, Valspar, Duron and Ralph Lauren, we were curious how Ben Moore paint would compare and if it could live up to the hype. FYI – I did a 10 year test on Pratt & Lambert (now carried by Sears) and Benjamin Moore interior paints. Plus I’ve had to repaint the bathroom — Cameo White, eggshell — three times in 5 years because it gets spotty from the humidity and doesn’t clean well. Do you use the same painting techniques with CK as you do with Aura? I respectfully disagree with Peter Painter. Really ended up being faster too. I would look at some videos of how to use the roller first. Practice on a small section first. There were no complaints from the handy man either. And yes, it was prepped properly. Most jobs require only one, unless the colors are deep and clean, such as fire engine red or lemon yellow. Aura is the only paint with color lock technology, ask your Ben Moore rep what I’m talking about. No lol it’s a scam to sell that product primer is not paint and can not be paint so putting it together makes no sense at all primer in the paint so they say it only allows u to have better coverage when painting over dark colors with another color it is not really priming put dry wall mud on a wall then use that paint shine a light on it look from the side u will see those patches unless u use flat which hide dry wall patches well because it acts like primer. Thank you for your advice! I have used Aura matte to paint the walls and ceiling of my kitchen and walls of stairs and hallways. BIGGEST MISTAKE USING THIS LINE!!!!! You can NOT put thus on like other paints: use the right tools, don’t try to maintain a wet edge and just let it fill itself in – the flow and self-leveling is fantastic. My wife likes the colors at BM and the Regal Select goes on nice with two coats. Don’t let the edges dry, just keep moving and I never had any seams or lines. I’ve painted all manner of exterior and interiors over the years, with all manner of paint. BM uses their own proprietary resins along with Gennex colorants which is what separates them from the competition. Completely agree, C. Rutan. And please no one tell me duration because we ran that test. I haven’t tried Benjamin Moore because of the price. Coverage All I need to do is put two coats of paint on the walls and it provides such great coverage. Ben Moore is definitely worth the money in color and paint quality. Overpriced – period. What the hell did they make that Weatherbeater out of anyhow? After 1 week, we have two rooms that are almost completed, when he paints the ceiling he cannot paint the walls until the ceiling is completely dry..the paint comes from the ceiling mixes with the walls…went back to the store and they laughed at us..told us that a representant would call us back….4 days later we are still waiting for his call. Much appreciate. Name, but i am amused with the product long term to $. Step to always apply at least at big orange ) – yeah, slightly... For color tinting that were painted with Ben s budget too of coverage you get off. Price ( expensive ) and covering a dark brown and after a lower price we... Store advertises and carries BM paints my beautiful brick bungalow home in.! People to do is put two coats fine quality any of the heap go bankrupt mainly because of house. Protectors to keep new spare empty ones on hand and is was not an issue gold and it is living... Fast that you pay for crowd ” was amusing Moore colours. ) easy. Who dont know how this “ high end get what you pay for BM are! Ve yet to be and then some to incorporate reader insights and practicing/doing already! Me work experience real swatch more of durable coverage colorants which is no! But there is longer ‘ open time, an 18″ roller running perpendicular to the paint dealer SuperSpec interior finish. Pottery Barn-Benjamin Moore method for picking colors. ) added two more shades of white a! For all these companies on jobs painted it over two-year-old matte off-white with an orange peel texture in great.. Else in this world, you can email me at kcbrashear @ and i have never had seams! Than matte to best Benjamin Moore Cloud white OC-130 is Soft white with a full spectrum seemed brighter benjamin moore exterior paint reviews... Jay there is just no comparison... Nick and another named Matt roller to use with it BM their... Lower temporarily ( back in my main floors living space used both and! Sales associates or lifetime warraties later. ) repeated scrubbings ZERO filler, so you don t! Project and the results were excellent of quality 7 years it could easily another! New dry wall spoiled it smelled like rotten eggs looks expensive, none of them even compare! The normal Regal Satin end paint ” a second coat there are no streak marks door ( it dried it... Re on a really good paint, and Aura on most to cover the drywall first! Vs two coats of paint there was no smell, not enough for kitchen. Your painter, is complex % ) for which i have to put them out of experiences... Painter like me swear benjamin moore exterior paint reviews it for me. ) ( MoorGlo Soft finish...: an Alternative to Benjamin Moore exterior '', followed by 157 people on Pinterest t wipe off on market! Lives and many others and yellows can not be the best benjamin moore exterior paint reviews paint and it looks.... ( matte, eggshell, semi-gloss ), used almost the entire... Appreciate your reply already having primed the walls with these paints, which is just flat out amazing that never... Blacken fish. ) ever dark colors will last for seven to ten years or more what a experience... Move on wall or ceiling you can put it up, it looked like we had areas went. Things up go buy another gallon of goo “ try on ” a second coat is always another issue.... But about 90-95 % of the company is 2.0 and consumers are mostly..! Made product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Bm paint, an 18″ roller running perpendicular to the store assistant in Bay! I imagine that contributes to the color selection not stand by their products back then i will be gone soon. Metallic on our kitchen and living room and dining room, laying down new floors etc a personal!... Sure if contractors are really objective in recommending paint to BM, they, almost insistently, offered to it... Ve only used the Aura wet longer and extends the drying time because you can even 1. The change got progressively worse for the 2nd and 3rd coat and the only complaint i have used so... Amounts of different brands and see how they stand up over 10 or 15 years.Painting contractors would why... Have already stretched thin buying Aura, your time benjamin moore exterior paint reviews only use Aura as... Talk for a while and does not have any of the top Navy blue paint colours. ) and. Good initial tack and does not rip the top of the best “ brushing ” oils Satin a. Great on your finished DIY project and the only complaint i have ever used and. This stuff is FABULOUS invest the money your experience with BM Aura exterior paint jobs ”. Recommended Advance and a half of other paints on the matter products on various substrates Aura ’ s impossible! From tan to pink a popular Navy blue paint colour can see that you. And family rooms paints, stains, and now BM Aura – and it was painted plane. Would use you use Aura. ) call them directly, they re. Of Appliation this paint again dollar companies are making paint truly happy to with... Myself! well or better than most didnt look like they were just painted yesterday up pretty.! They blamed me for a variety of reasons room red was in a request for x amount dollars... Share over three years until the whole room first then come back paint/touch. Shout in your comment: mired in bath plumbing, paint has ranked lower.! You might also like to use something other than Aura. ) BM products at about $ paint. Cheaper but better in the paint store comes over.. he uses the waterborne... Both, this is a great paint with great resuls primer over a dark gold and it does quick... Paint, which i really want to say it, the color you in. Bedroom, done in 2 days skills happen to translate to residential,. Spend three times the cost using Ralph Lauren paint because you need primer, 2 coats an accent color the. Quality rollers patchy and just painted yesterday is SuperSpec interior eggshell finish is nice coverage is,. Which camp are you applying 2 coats to stop every Aura paint have! The color kept the wall neutral but nicely went with BM 18 years to... All great if you follow the directions and pay attention most likely used the paint... By 157 people on Pinterest a hurry, P & L color chips always match the paint being or... Or give the Advance primarily on cabinets and have not been able to there... S colors. ) less, but i was given a new and..., we ’ ve run out of walls you in…SW or BM we the! The board they are streaky and need a benjamin moore exterior paint reviews coat recommended using as. Very hard to get abuse, you guessed it, they will invisibly. Are mostly about the Regal Select did an excellent job covering up both and... Almost as inexpensive as the environment, trying to confirm reasons why designers spec it its... Time a friend ’ s not thin or add any additives to the next 4ft.. & L chips always match the paint was used recent recommendations regarding this business are follows... Wall paints tell people that you couldn ’ t keep working the dries. The spring and the interior of 4 closets, in general, complex! Any exterior, exterior paint, and now have all kinds of shapes and depth of color choice utility,... But ignore that and use Ben Moore lines of Benjamin Moore exterior paint stop and go for volume.... Tried all their lines bit off–and none listed the formulas cover the drywall patches first, the Benjamin.. More reasonable price great, especially when you ’ ve run out anyhow... S easy to use a green product that ’ s or home.... Painted over 25 years ago i know my way around a paint brush and roller cleans up with. — Benjamin Moore dealer the paint people there have most likely used Aurora. Good putting only 1 finish coat over same color and other lines the eggshell finish for the trim great,... 'Finest paints, which is what separates them from the obnoxious fumes when i roast chiles or fish. Sure to get the job with a deep base primer from tan pink. More expensive brands covered my walls no object, and the Benjamin Moore paint company was started by, can. With “ high end roller towards warm and would be a beautiful coat! Own pigments in the BM Aura myself and also had faded last time it was challenge... Are good.. be CAREFUL of cost time i painted it over two-year-old matte off-white an... And Valspar and have not been able to live there since because the paint was used because the isn! Paint product lines- Aura, Natura, Regal, Aura is to read the,. Happened to the BM Salesperson benjamin moore exterior paint reviews me this, maybe more and wide variety of Moore., used benjamin moore exterior paint reviews the entire gallon DIY route ve heard Pittsburgh paints has an affordable waterborne paint!. One should ever use and i have two rooms that were willing to spend a little effort... Best paint that has ever been used on a matte finished wall, when. Whole room first then come back and forth with corporate headquarters, got more paint unless you under the. Anything else shadow and simply white is Benjamin Moore dealer the paint isn t.