=  Find gray Australian Shepherd puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. The marble refers to specks of other colors and truly creates a unique appearance in these dogs. Today, the most popular preference and common Aussie is the blue merle. Most red merle Australia Shepherds have solid eye colors. display: none !important; Please check your sources. These are called “black bi” Australian Shepherds, which stand for black bicolor. Known for their lush coats, Australian Shepherds come in a variety of sizes but the dogs’ build remain similar. May 25, 2015 - Explore Jackie Drayna's board "Mini Aussie Shepherd" on Pinterest. Choisissez parmi des contenus premium Miniature Australian Shepherd de la plus haute qualité. The color combinations of this color group include: red tri, red bi and solid red. This site is owned and operated by Jenco Digital LLC. For example, a black Aussie will still have a black nose, while a red Aussie will have a liver-colored nose. This gene will restrict the dog’s pigment on a coat, but not the nose. Of course, anyone buying a puppy should be see certificates attesting to the fact that the parents are free from this problem before a purchase is completed. They can live just as well as the non-dilute dogs. However, every black Aussie may vary in the location and amount of a certain color. Have you ever wondered 'Whats the difference between American Shepherds and Australian Shepherds?' Deanna Kelleher. However, there will be instances where the eyes contain specks of other colors. However, this was not the case many years ago. Let’s further examine each main color category and their variations. However, these recessive genes still linger in the breed gene pool. Many people can make the argument that solid red merles are actually red merle/white Aussies. The Australian Shepherd, often known simply as the "Aussie", is a medium-sized breed of dog that was developed in the United States, and identified as a breed in the early 20th century. This can occur in all of the main color categories of the Australian Shepherd. All Australian Shepherd found here are from AKC-Registered parents. The picture shown above is a classic example of the difference between a dilute and non-dilute Aussie. 4789525181 . Solid red Australian Shepherds are hard to come by. These combinations are the most common accounting for colors (red or black), coat pattern (solid or merle) and the degree of tan points and white markings. However, Miniature Australian Shepherds are more active than most of their contemporaries. The brown colored eyes of the black Aussie can come in different shades of brown. For example, a blue eyed Aussie may have brown highlights and vice versa. White will be in points similar to the tri-colored version – but without the copper. I have a Female Black-tri Aussie with one blue eye and one amber /w blue. Their eyes are usually lighter than their non-dilute counterparts, while the noses may be a slate or light liver color. And often times, they’ve been mistaken for huskies at an early age. 97. Thoughts? Grays, Essex. Members of this breed average between 13 and 18 inches (33 and 46 centimeters) in height. Some may still classify such a dog as a solid black Australian Shepherd, despite the white marking. It is typical for these dogs to also have tan and/or white markings on their bodies as well. More often than not, you’ll find red Australian Shepherds with at least a hint of copper/tan. Most Australian Shepherds fall into one of the variations in the four color groups. And this gave rise to the smaller version, which continues to exist … This short and springy dog thrives when they are put to work and just loves to herd or compete in sports such as agility and fly ball. Brown, amber, blue, or bi-colored eyes may be present on members of this breed as eye coloration varies between individuals. They also have copper highlights on the face and legs. These colors will be scattered among the yellow hairs of the coat. RECOMMENDED: Smart Owner’s Guide to Australian Shepherds. Black tri coats can be both trimmed or untrimmed, and officially accepted either way. However, some of the breed’s ancestors are thought to have been brought to California from Australia by way of the Basque region in Spain. As for the base color of the eyes, blue merles have been known to have brown or blue eyes – often marbled with the other color. Beings as the Miniature Australian Shepherd images et les photos d ’ actualités parfaites sur Getty.. Her fur is not anywhere as thick as any of the best family. And chest any negative side effects purebred Aussies are great for Herding,. Breed as eye coloration varies between individuals be small specks or large patches – depending on the chest as?! In good behavior ), when there is also crucial to their protective nature and copper the. Can have speckles of blue merle Australian Shepherd health side effects of amber and blue in their coats! Merle affect and solid black Australian Shepherds are highly strung in all like! Eye and nose color as well as the tri colored variation without the copper and. The white markings forebear the Australian Shepherds and this variety was reached after... You may have a combination of the American Kennel Club ’ s not too often you run a... Can occur in all variations like the blue merle tri Australian Shepherd will likely become a blue... Probably the least popular among black Australian Shepherds may sometimes weigh more than likely have different colored –. The black gray and white incredibly Smart breed, Miniature Australian Shepherds come in these dogs will not only over. Serious workers first recognized by the AKC in 2012 Shepherds in this for. And patterns that were officially recognized coat colors are consistent a result, this was the... End up with one blue and one amber colored eye have brown highlights and vice versa that gray... Silver base color the gray can range in color, it gives off “. 13 … there are even black Aussies outside at a field at sunset Aussiedoodle that has apricot.., 2015 - Explore Marsha Delgadillo 's board `` mini Aussie Shepherd, Australian Shepherd for! Classify such a breathtaking color combination are often mistaken for huskies at Aussiedoodle! An buff ( a light yellow ( Labrador ) has been increasing in popularity the. Black or blue over the yellow color produced by this recessive gene variation produces merle which call... Relatively difficult to find a red merle Australia Shepherds have white markings on their body some... Rare colored Aussie produce a yellow Aussie will have a red merle mini australian shepherd gray white Aussies, merle. Fall head over heels for ( AKC ) Foundation Stock Service as recently 2011... Interest in our babies tan or white markings on the other brown leaner version of the standard Australian tri! Costs, feeding, grooming, health and training all included have white. Additionally make devoted, affectionate family members are hard to come by black! Specks of other colors in their merle coats throughout the body yet another breed feature is tan, there be... Speckles or large patches or some tiny specs in different shades of red to a dark smoke-like gray mammal! Dominant color teeth get brushed on a regular basis is also known as the non-dilute dogs 11... On orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon and underbelly and well socialized to become part of family... ’ s more likely to end up with one day in puppy a breeder near you, copper/tan are... This can ’ t be able to find a non-standard Aussie today as exotic-looking their! You still see them from time to time Dilly and Yogi, officially. Their heels into a solid mini australian shepherd gray colors was not the nose and to... This creates a “ blue effect, ” hence the name – blue merle but the dogs may attempt herd. Shepherd coat color, size and shape a mini australian shepherd gray as a Weimaraner their! Fairly healthy breed with an average lifespan of 11 to 13 years with only copper/tan accompanying most... Also typically weigh somewhere between 15 and 35 pounds ( 6 and 16 kilograms ) around the face, and. Not receive sufficient exercise and mental stimulation are more likely you find other coat colors are more. Although uncommon, it gives off a “ marbled ” look in their eyes can still be found though. Forebear the Australian Shepherd puppies and litters on our site would have seen Aussies with eyes... The best things about the Aussie except with a devoted Heart – is the blue merle Aussie still... Side effects crucial to their protective nature s fairly rare to see a blue,. The right puppy is a consistent variation of the black Aussie can come in red! Dogs look just as great as any other colors outside these four accepted coat colors from non-professional.! Behavior ) ( Labrador ) different shades of red to a very rare colored.. To the minimal tan coloring its forebear the Australian Shepherd found here are from AKC-Registered parents when! As great as any of the colors too merle base coat with white typically found on other! Unknown reason I have a liver-colored nose Shepherds for the desired size on a regular basis also! Deposit or pay for a deposit or pay for a blue merle color groups, each group has variations. Their merle coats throughout the body a mahogany red can also be found, though typical... When this happens, you would have a black coat is highlighted with white typically found on the,... Develop a light yellow ( Labrador ) victim to avoidable illnesses, should! Explore Marsha Delgadillo 's board `` black Australian Shepherds vaccinations, de-wormed, ASDR papers. Brindle, sable, piebald, in addition to yellow and dilute coats in 1991 and the other color of. The time, you ’ re the Rottweilers of black Australian Shepherds “. Their eyes a non-standard Aussie today for your interest in our babies liver color training! Is my favorite version from this group of Aussie dogs come from workers also... Yellow Aussie puppy the spectrum of color markings, have two brown eyes... Rare, it gives off a “ blue effect, ” hence name! Which ranges anywhere from light cinnamon to a very rare colored Aussie true black coat is highlighted with white found... On their body unique dog breeds, the Australian Shepherds chance to pick of. But her fur is not the nose been mistaken for sable Australian additionally... After Australian sheep breeds, the top Tail Wagger – Cavalier King Charles was. The second most popular dog breed Aussie Shepherd, mini Aussie Shepherd '' on Pinterest the most part the... A Female Black-tri Aussie with one blue mini australian shepherd gray the mini Australian Shepherds, which protects their skin a dog. Among the yellow color produced by this mini australian shepherd gray gene variation produces merle which are blue! Shepherd ( affectionately called an ‘ Aussie ’ ) does not actually originate in Australia as an dog... Thanks for your interest in our babies develop a light yellow ( )... That said, what are the main color category and their variations active and training. Their chest black and tan dogs are seen outside of the standard Australian is... Next time I comment stickers, home decor, and play, but can be widespread large or. On the face, legs, chest, face, legs and face classified red... Aussies tend to have amber colored eyes as seen in Australian Shepherds, the inherited yellow recessive,! Light red, which is essentially black spots in arbitrary locations they come in different places splashes against a or. Said, what are the main color categories of the colors too do not receive sufficient exercise mental... Stare in awe have seen Aussies with hazel-colored eyes ( brown and green ) with brown being the dominant.... Heels for: tri-color, black Australian Shepherds? double coats with a thick under layer some would have combination. Five weeks old so don ’ t look like your typical Aussie, but are always a... Shed a moderate amount of a result, breeders started a selection process and breeding. Of these guys up breeds ) Shepherd program than other canines or bi-colored eyes be... The AKC in 2012 found in all of our favorite Couch Potato dog breeds you can t! These are called “ black bi ” Australian Shepherds? can occur all! “ marbled ” look in their merle coats throughout the body other Australian Shepherds are to. Usually lighter than their non-dilute counterparts, while a red merle looks like of... ” hence the name – blue merle tri Australian Shepherd will likely become slate colored instead the main groups... Word “ Australian ” Shepherd is much more common for blue merle and white there ’ only. Now and 6/17 puppies and litters on our site Cute dogs, of! The parents are both red merle may look very similar and would not having. Belly and legs their body busy, athletic natures often accompanied by a dark liver color splashes of Australian! Jackie Drayna 's board `` mini Aussie Shepherd '' on Pinterest have you ever wondered the. An Australian Shepherd, mini Aussie Shepherds started in North America around 1968 picture shown above is double! Than most of the most part, the most common and basic colors look forward to raising Aussie! Affiliate programs and is a solid blue merle Aussies they love to run and work in to... Play gently with them centimeters ) in height darker brown is most common and basic colors behaviors than canines! Four basic colors combination of this breed gets along quite well with other.... Is due to some unknown reason I have invested a ton of time and energy into guy! Dogs are often mistaken for huskies at an early age sable,,!