Ingredients . By Anushruti RK Of all the edible leaves available in the market, the vibrant colours of amaranth or Amaranthus dubius, also known as red spinach, Chinese spinach or yin choy (in Chinese) stand out in particular. It is a very ornamental plant and is often grown in the flower garden. New years eve; Family; Happy new year 2021; Happy holidays; Merry christmas; New years ; Popular categories. Annual; Tall bushy annual with medium green, oval to heart-shaped leaves are overlaid with burgundy red - can grow up to 1.5m high. Cultivars feature yellow and maroon-shaded leaves, but the species still offers the showiest foliage. Chinese spinach (uncountable) Any of several plants grown as leaf vegetables: Ipomoea aquatica, water spinach, a semi-aquatic plant with hollow stems and long, lance-shaped leaves. Red spinach harvest takes 20-25 days from transplanting. Jan choi, Chinese spinach growing in greenhouse. The purple-red leaf color of this variety appears within the first 2-3 weeks of growth. The … Leaf amaranth is popular in Asia, eaten raw, stir fried or steamed. Companion Plants for Spinach If you want to enjoy garden-fresh produce, consider planting a home vegetable garden. This is a favorite vegetable in Chinese and Vietnamese stir-fries and the red leaves will color the dish red. Red spinach - Amaranthus tricolor in Latin - is also called Chinese spinach. Used to thicken soups and stews. Also known as red spinach, yin choy, or red amaranth leaves, this spinach-like vegetable will turn your broth a lovely shade of red. 0.30g (435s) R 35.00. Broad, tender leaves cover the 16" tall semi-upright plant. Red chinese spinach. Amaranth, Red Stripe Leaf, Chinese Spinach (100+ seeds) BayGarden. R 47.00. Also known as Pui, vine spinach, climbing spinach, creeping spinach, red vine spinach, buffalo spinach, Indian spinach, Chinese spinach and Ceylon spinach. Update cart. Geography/History Chinese spinach was abundant and grew wild in ancient North and South Americas. Packet (450 seeds) $3.50. Articles; Gardening Articles; FAQ; Aust. Amaranth leaves are used across Asia. How to Grow Red-Stem Spinach. Summer Spinach plants that are bolting or going to seed. pixels inches cm. Common Name: AMARANTH - CHINESE SPINACH Scientific Name: Amaranthus species Alternative Names: Yin Tsai , Red Calaloo . These vegetable leaves can live and grow throughout the years, it knows no season if proper watering occurs. Description. What Can I Plant Now? It grows as a warm season annual in most parts of Australia. Seed Pricing Latest Pricelists. Family: Amaranthaceae: Genus: Amaranthus (am-uh-RANTH-us) Species: tricolor (TRY-kull-lur) Cultivar: Illumination: Synonym: Amaranthus gangeticus: One vendor has this plant for sale. Generally, all vegetable plants love plenty of sunlight, moist ground and good drainage rich light soil. Red spinach is a member of the plant family Amaranthaceae, which includes nearly 2,500 species ranging from spinach to beetroot to grains such as amaranth and quinoa. They can also be cooked quickly, faster than spinach. Annual; Tall bushy annual with medium green, oval to heart-shaped leaves are overlaid with burgundy red - can grow up to 1.5m high. This is a selection of amaranth with a vibrant cherry red colour (a small percentage will have green foliage). It has a bit of sweet and a bit of spice to blend with the bite of the garlic. They are used both as a salad green and as a leaf vegetable. 10g $9.00. Red Spinach Uses. Order Seeds Latest Pricelists. This hardy annual has vibrant, ornamental red, yellow, and green foliage that lends a tropical effect to the garden. Single Plants: 30cm (11") each way (minimum) Rows: 25cm (9") with 35cm (1' 1") row gap (minimum) Sow and Plant. Most of the time that greens are prepared this way, especially in Chinese restaurants, superior stock, made with chicken and ham, is used. Growing Water Spinach (Kangkong) and Chinese Kale (Kailan) from seeds use pretty much the same method as growing tomatoes.I actually planted my kangkong and kailan the same time I planted my okra seeds, eggplants seeds, pepper seeds and tomato seeds.. It is also an excellent source of dietary fiber. Spinach is heat-sensitive; move containers into the shade on warm and hot days. Also known as Red spinach, Hon-toi-moi, Yin choy, Hsien tsai or Spleen amaranth, it is a native of Asia, Europe and Africa. We back our seeds & products with our full customer satisfaction guarantee. Hydroponic organic vegetable plots cultivation farm. Description. This variety has large, fleshy, pale-green or burgundy and green leaves that go well in salads. In cool climates, you can give plants a two-week head start indoors.