Keyed entry locks are best for exterior doors. This website will not look or function as originally intended in your current browser, We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Beyond parts, there are a few more terms you might find helpful when it comes to purchasing and installing your door hardware. Other door hardware terms. What does it all mean? Here’s a quick guide that will help you navigate the lock aisle and find just the right knob or lever function. There are 6 basic types of sliding glass door handles, all work differently. Because nobody wants that to happen! The front entrance and security. Panel doors are probably the most common style of internal door that you will come in to contact with. Lever latch. Flush Mount: Fits inside the door and lays flush with the door Stile. Keypad knobs and Touchscreen levers are ideal for garage entry doors and utility rooms. Please choose a type of patio door handle set below to narrow down your selection. XFORT® Lever Latch Scroll Polished Chrome Door Handles, Elegant Door Handle Set for Wooden Doors, Classic Victorian Straight Design, Ideal for All Types of Internal Doors [4 Pair]. Most orders placed before 1PM PST go out the same day and any order that doesn’t require special keying should be en route to you by the next day. Entry door knobs are the most common types of door locks. And they’re reversible for right and left side doors (though you’ll have to pay special attention to symmetry when ordering for French doors). Understanding The Different Types Of Door Handle Sets & Knobs, Manufacturer Comparison: EZ-Set VS Schlage, Bathroom Hardware & Accessories Clearance. I. ANSI A250.8-SDI-100 – Recommended Specifications for Standard Steel Doors and Frames. *Sorry Georgia friends, unfortunately we have to collect sales tax from you, We never charge extra to get your package ready. Internet Explorer or Bed & Bath? An interior lockset. Shipping is free for every order over $100. For your convenience, a Return Label will be issued after the customer has contacted UNHINGE about the return. ”. Installation tip: When you’re ready to install or remove your door knob, you first need to take apart the door knob assembly. Their simple silhouette means that they look great in almost any style of home. Most interior doors are 1 3/8" thick. That’s right, we want you to be able to order everything you want to create your home without worrying about excessive shipping costs. Some keyed entry functions unlock when door is opened from the inside, allowing you … This is just another extra layer of security designed to keep you as safe as possible a… It would be a shame if spacing was even half an inch off! Yet another way we’re trying to keep your hard earned money in your pocket. Doorknob Types Although you may expect a doorknob to be round or square, it may not be a knob at all. Schlage Encode locks and Echo devices deal prime combo of security, convenience. F. DHI (Door Hardware Institute) – The Installation of Commercial Steel Doors and Steel Frames, Insulated Steel Doors in Wood Frames and Builder’s Hardware. Returns: We ask that no goods are accepted without prior authorization from UNHINGE. 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,308 Stay up-to-date on the latest style and design tips, trends, DIY tutorials, product updates and smart home news. Some keyed entry functions unlock when door is opened from the inside, allowing you to leave quickly, conveniently and re-enter easily. In no case is Unhinge responsible for user-caused damage or damage incurred during installation. Door handles are the primary way to open or close an entranceway to a room. Choosing the right interior door handle depends largely on your tastes and needs, which is why we included options that come in privacy, dummy, passage, and keyed entry variants, as well as ones sold in contractor packs for those looking to outfit the doors in their home or office building with matching fixtures. Shop door furniture at Toolstation, including door knobs, internal door handles and door pull handles. To save you money we cut out the middlemen. Round Door Knobs The best thing about this type of door hardware is that children and pets have a hard time opening the door. Exterior doors are often 1 3/4" thick. So it’s better to measure so you can buy with confidence. Cylinder locksets are sometimes referred to as keyed entry locksets. Examples include brass, white porcelain, brown mineral, cut glass, wood, and Victorian bronze. The hand of a door is determined from the secured side of the opening, or from the entrance side of a door. Decorative door levers are a lot easier to use than regular door knobs. There are three main types of door handles: lever handles, pull handles and door knobs. The best thing about this type of door hardware is that children and pets have a hard time opening the door. A pre-hung door, which includes a frame-mounted door and hinges, is ready to install and use with a prepared doorway. Door knobs and cupboard door knobs can be found here in many colours and finishes so the perfect match can be found for your door. These door knobs come in four finishes—iron black, polished chrome, satin nickel, and venetian bronze—and you can choose from privacy, entry, passage, or dummy models. With strict attention to detail from design through to production, Cavity Sliders offers sliding door products that are high quality, reliable and operate smoothly. Bottom-Line-Clearance items, items that contain the word “Clearance” in the product name, are warrantied against defects for 1 year (mechanical and finish) simply because we cannot guarantee those items will still be in stock for replacement purposes.. Pricing: All product prices are subject to change without notice. Submit your info below to receive our next update. But remember, if you have further questions, just send us an email and we’ll make sure to get back to you with the answers you need as soon as we can! Mechanical deadbolt vs. smart lock: How to choose, Accent Lever with Camelot trim Hall & Closet Lock, Georgian Knob with Addison trim Hall & Closet Lock, Whitney Lever with Collins Trim Keyed Entry Lock. We’re stoked that you chose to shop with us and we’ll do everything in our power to make your experience a good one. Have you ever found yourself stranded outside of your own home because your door knob suddenly decided to call it quits? entry door levers: Entry door levers feature an easy-to-turn handle. The pros of having a 5 lever Mortice Deadlock conforming to BS3621 are: Door Type Commonly Fitted To. Latch handles are basically backplated handles that operate a simple tubular latch, lock handles are for key locking and bathroom handles are for those private areas and again are backplated handles with the lock and thumbturn provision within the design (separate … You can choose from: UPS MAP: Transit days for delivery from CA  (Transit day starts the day following the ship date). Hardware types include round door knobs, levers, door handle sets and deadbolts. They add a touch of elegance to any home. Replacement hardware needs to fit your door, and hardware for a new door … Also consider that, among all the types of door hardware, this is the easiest for children to break. The customer must have all of the original merchandise and packaging in good condition. Their simple silhouette means that they look great in almost any style of home. You must analyze every type … We may be able to … They should be easy to grip, turn and pull, placed at the right height and, importantly, be stylish - like chrome door handles.Many have additional features for securing a room, such as an office, or for providing privacy – allowing showers or long soaks in the tub to be enjoyed in peace. G. NFPA 80 – Fire Doors and Windows. Just follow these simple steps for a return or exchange. This can also be a disadvantage for some, as arthritis sufferers find them less than ideal. Mortice locks offer better door security. This type of door hardware locks to offer privacy. Yes, there are a lot of different types of door knobs and front door handles to choose from. Large amount of in stock items available to ship today call us now for help 888-801-9255! What type of door hardware is best for each room in your home. Designed for exterior doors. Need it in time for a weekend project? Cylinder. So you can order directly from us and we’ll ship it to you as fast as humanly possible. Sign up for email to learn about special offers and we’ll give you 10% off your next order. Hall and closet door hardware refers to non-locking knobs and levers, sometimes called Passage hardware. Privacy Lockset. A slab door is basic; it's just the door and doesn't include a frame, hinges or handle set. Black, brown or white painted door knobs offer a more contemporary and subtle look whilst finishes such as black iron, chrome, or brass all give a modern and bold look. Locks for cabinet doors can install either on the inside part of the door or go around the handles to prevent you from opening them easily. If so, don’t get mad – get even, by upgrading to a new set of door handles you can rely on. Privacy? Non-turning door hardware is sometimes referred to as dummy hardware. They add a dignified look and a certain sense of quality to any door. Whether you are looking for types of interior doors or types of exterior doors, there is a door style that is a perfect fit for your tastes. The most common types of door handle are the lever handle and the doorknob. Sliding Glass Patio Door Handles. Lever latches are some of the simplest door handles available. Estates, manors and mansions all rely on door handle sets for a few simple reasons. Door thickness can vary. When surveying your old-house doors for the purpose of fixing or ordering hardware, it is important to note both the function and the hand, particularly when you are considering levers, some locks, and some types of hinges. Choose from our extensive range of internal door handles in a variety of finishes and styles, designed to operate a multi-point lock with a cylinder, or can be used with a morticed lock and key meaning they are perfect to use as front door handles. There are two types of interior doors: pre-hung and slab. Time limit: Returns must be made within 60 days of original receipt. Then use the end of a paperclip or a flathead screwdriver, whichever fits better, and release the detent mechanism inside the handle. You may find a use for this door hardware on interior rooms that require a little more security, such as an office or wine cellar. A thickness of 1 3/8 inches is standard for interior doors, while 1 3/4 inches is standard for exterior doors. These knobs and levers are meant to be used as decorative door pulls, often found on interior french or pantry doors. Even this is standardized, you never know with older doors. They are available in many different styles — from round to egg-shaped — and various finishes to match you style. Different types of doors offer different levels of functionality, and often lend a specific look and feel to the space. Only then will you be able to slide the knob free and continue with your work. In this quick guide we’ll give you the pros and cons on the different types of door knobs on the market so you can decide what suites your lifestyle best. A simple latch keeps the … There are three main types of interior door handle or interior door knob, available in an array of styles and finishes. But that shouldn’t be any problem for a seasoned ‘do-it-yourselfer’ such as yourself! Type. Note the hardware's required bore hole size: the diameter of the hole in the door. Door Construction Types As the name suggests, it is best for any room you may need privacy, like your bedroom and bathroom. Approach door handle design in the same way that you would approach any other interior design task. Learn more about universal design features for doors . If you have a thicker door, please contact Direct Door Hardware. UNHINGE is not liable for any returns made without our prior knowledge. We’ll work to make things right if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. Specialties Doors and Automation has a variety of hardware for any and all types of doors, gates, access controls etc. Shipping and handling are the same things in our eyes so there’s no reason to be charged twice. It’s that simple! Signup for Email Sign up for inspiration, know-how and deals, Freesame-dayShipping on orders over $100**Continental U.S. only. The most common type is the inner-door lock, which attaches to the top of the inner part of the cabinet and hooks into a piece you install on the door, or vice versa. The warranty will be void if the goods have been subjected to misapplication or abuse. When chosen correctly they can provide … Source: Home Depot Some exterior doors benefit from extra security and if you want to make sure that your home is as safe as possible when you are out for the day, then you may want to invest in a doorknob that has a keypad. Backset: The backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the center line of the … Clamp Style: Has a clamp built into handle that connects with the door frame. Some are basic and modern… some are easier to use… and others add a regal flair… But whatever you chose, there are always pros and cons to every design, little things to look out for and other little tips that’ll make your door hardware installation a snap. If you have new doors, then you can choose a lever handle on backplate, a lever handle on rose or a mortice knob. The only point that could be a downside for some is that you’ll have to drill a hole where the bottom of the handle set attaches. H. NFPA 252 - Fire Tests for Door Assemblies. Let’s look at the options for your front door. Finding the right replacement door handles is easy and here we show you all of our handles for doors in one easy place. You'll get used to some terminology when searching for interior door handles like latch handle, lock handle and bathroom handle. Door handles are sold in pairs, meaning you have one for each side of the door. Hardware types include round door knobs, levers, door handle sets and deadbolts. Sign up for easy DIY tutorials, product giveaways and discounts. Keyed entry locks are best for exterior doors. We hope we’ve helped you with a few of those pointers here. Return and exchange shipping: The customer will incur the entire shipping cost to return and for the reshipment of exchanges unless this was due to an error caused by UNHINGE. 5 simple steps for better security with the Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt. Advantages. 1. The first step in choosing the right door handles for you, is to work out what you’re prepared to pay. Which type of door handle fits your lifestyle? Designed for privacy rather than for security. Passage? This type is the most … They are ideal for rooms and doors where locking is not needed, such as a closet. So aim for the higher quality door levers the first time and save yourself the expense of repair or replacement in the future. We have a selection of styles available, as well as a range of finishes, so whether it’s brass, chrome, nickel or polished chrome door knobs or handles, there’s something in our collection. So do a quick check to see if that’s the case. Our warranty: All goods sold by Unhinge are warrantied against defects for 5 year (mechanical and finish). You may find a use for this door hardware on interior rooms that require a little more security, such as an office or wine cellar. If you’re going for a monochrome, modern decor style, we’d recommend the iron black finish, which has a contemporary matte appearance. Chrome or This quick guide to door hardware functions will help you navigate the lock aisle and find just the right knob or lever for each room in your home. Firefox. Each type has different characteristics, pros, and cons. Most door hardware manufacturers make their products to fit these standard thicknesses. Has a locking … It may be a lever-type handle, or it may be a handle set, which is a combination thumb-latch-and-handle used on exterior entry doors. The Bed & Bath category is used to describe privacy door hardware. Note: One thing to make sure of before you buy, however, is that the distance from the top deadbolt hole to the hole for the bottom latch are going to match up with your new hardware. 2. We want you to get your goods as fast a possible. To do that, look for a small hole or slot at the base of the interior side handle. The most common types of lockset include passage lockset, privacy lockset, dummy lockset, and keyed entry lockset. 6 simple things to consider when shopping for door hardware. Hall & Closet? If you are considering what … 1. One drawback, however, is they’re not as practical for hallways or other locations where you might snag your clothing as you walk past. Deciding which type of door hardware you should purchase for each room in your home can be a major chore. Cavity Sliders USA Inc is the premier manufacturer of pocket door hardware. Restocking Fee: All returned goods will incur a 15% restocking fee unless the customer is planning to do an exchange for a similar product. Affordable, secure and simple to install. Instead of using a keyed entry where you need higher security inside your home, opt to ditch the key altogether.